- Specials -

(Wednesdays and Sundays /pick-up only)
Buy 2 or more Large Pizzas
and get a
Garlic Pizza
1.25L Soft Drink
(pick-up only)
Buy 2 or more Large Pizzas
and get a
1.25L Soft Drink



"all you can eat fiesta"

(Wednesdays and Thursdays only - minimum 2 people)
Terms & Conditions apply


*The “ALL YOU CAN EAT FIESTA" includes:

- Any of our Savoury pizzas on the menu, including the Chef's monthly house Special (excludes salads)

*Bonus inclusions: 
- one complimentary Starter Pizza (Pizza Bianca or Garlic Pizza) of your choice per table upon arrival

- one complimentary Dessert Pizza of your choice per table to share at the conclusion of your feast

*The entire dine-in table has to choose the “ALL YOU CAN EAT FIESTA” or A La Carte.

*The price is charged per person:

Adults & kids 12 yrs or over: only $20.99
Kids under 2 yrs: FREE

Kids from 2 - 5 yrs: only $5!
Kids from 6 -11 yrs : only $9.99!

*How does it work? 

-The first pizza round can be ordered at the maximum of 1 pizza per person (Please note gluten-free and extra toppings are surcharged based on menu prices).

- Once the entire first round of pizza is finished, the table may then order any savoury pizza one at a time.

-Additional pizza cannot be ordered until the previous is finished entirely.

*The entire Mamma Mia “ALL YOU CAN EAT FIESTA” has a maximum dine-in period of 2h from the time of arrival

*B.Y.O. Corkage applies: $1/bottle of beer and $2,50 /bottle of wine or spirits.

So there it is!!! It's time to stop reading and start eating!!!

Come and see us on Wednesday or Thursday!!!


We would love you to come, dine-in, relax and enjoy yourself...

to fill up on Pizza Goodness and roll out feeling happy!


Thanks for considering dining with us!!!

Mauricio & the crew at Mamma Mia Pizzeria



sunday "sweet" deal
(Pick-up and Delivery)
ANY Dessert Pizza only $15 !!! 
(add $3 - VEGAN chocolate for a Vegan Dessert pizza)

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